Senior Statistician at Oxford University on Ranked Choice Voting Strategies

A RECENT article by Dr. Jack O’Brien of Oxford University has raised the hackles of the the Ranked Choice Voting salesmen.  Mr. O’Brien describes the complex tactical considerations voters must decide when using Ranked Choice Voting.  He also laments about the complexity of the rules and strategies.

FairVote, the group responsible for selling Ranked Choice Voting in the United States, calls this Oxford Statistician’s analysis “irresponsible”.  Implies he does;t know what he’s tailing about.  I’m sure this is the first time Dr. O’Brien’s analysis has been attacked in such manner.

Interestingly, FairVote makes a lots money off running a consulting service to administer Ranked Choice Voting elections.  But wait, there’s more; FairVote’s leader was quoted recently in the Wall Street Journal as to wanting to keep the ranking results secret, and just announce the “winner”. “I’ve come to believe we shouldn’t put all the rankings (results) out there for for people to mull over and second-guess the outcomes”.  I guess if you count the ballots, and decide the winner, you don’t want anyone else to see how it was done.

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